A lot of Filipino-developed applications are growing, whether they are for entertainment or educational purposes.

This time, we are giving you a list of apps that allow you to learn Philippine languages. Whether you want to learn something new or just widen your skill set, here are some of the apps worth spending your time on.

Baybayin Pro – Learn Baybayin

The prehistoric Philippine writing script is now often used to remind people about the rich history and culture of the country.

With this app, you get a free learning tool on how to read and write Baybayin through a gamified approach with a roster of stylish themes that you can choose from, making the learning process more enjoyable.

Apart from Baybayin, you can also learn Hanunuo and Buhid through the apps.

Learn Kulitan

Kulitan is the Kapampangan writing system.

Similar to Baybayin Pro, Learn Kulitan adopts a gamified approach that allows you to learn how to recognize, write, and transcribe the Kulitan script through flashcards and other fun challenges.


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For those who want to learn Cebuano or Bisaya, Kaalam is the right app for you.

An interactive literacy app, it offers primary, digestible content to learn the language step by step from letters to numbers.

The app also gives stories local to Cebu to help you understand to form Cebuano sentences.

Smart Communications partnered with the local government of Argao in Cebu and several government agencies to develop Kaalam.

Filipino Sign Language App by Iglesia Ni Cristo

The Philippines has its own sign language system, but only a handful few uses it.

For those wanting to learn the Philippine Sign Language (PSL) and to better communicate with deaf persons, this app is worth a shot to get started.

This app provides comprehensive learning tools and features with over 8,000 vocabulary entries in video clips. The app is also available offline.

Iglesia Ni Cristo develops the app as a project for the Deaf under the Christian Family Organizations Office of the church which can also be enjoyed by non-members.


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