Source: Efforce

The co-founder of Apple has a grand idea that makes blockchain and green tech work together by building a new startup.

Steve Wozniak called this new startup Efforce which funds efficient or renewable energy technologies by using a new virtual currency called “WOZX.” No idea how this is supposed to be pronounced yet.

Efforce is the first-ever blockchain-based platform promoting energy-saving projects to companies. Image by Efforce.

Efforce aims to achieve “meaningful environmental change” by being the digital marketplace for companies to raise funds for sustainable energy projects, said Wozniak.

This is done by establishing partnerships between contributors who will engage in funding partially or wholly the projects on the list using WOZX tokens. Companies will benefit from fundraising through a smart contract using blockchain.

This new startup marks the second time Wozniak founded a company ever since co-founding Apple with Steve Jobs back in 1976. He’s one of the company’s six co-founders but provides no specific details about what he’ll be doing in leading Efforce. Still, his name and presence alone will boost the publicity of the new startup.

Those who are intrigued and want to know more about this new venture can visit Efforce official website (


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