AOC MONITORS. Contributed photo.

International Data Corporation (IDC) hailed AOC as the leading PC Monitor brand in the Philippines.

The world’s premier marketing intelligence firm ranked AOC as number one in the PC monitor market in terms of unit shipments in the country for the second quarter of 2020.

AOC Monitors has been branding distinct and durable quality of monitors through its innovative technology built into their new models that address the needs and wants of its customers.

The high-end quality of its monitors is best demonstrated through supporting local eSports tournaments and bringing a competitive edge to the eSports athletes using their monitors. As the company has been involved in several eSports events in the past few years, AOC Monitors became the monitor of choice for practitioners and fans.

AOC continues to support the eSports community through being part of a more massive tourney that encompassed the entire Asia-Pacific region, in which it will be holding the AGON Valorant Cup. With AOC Monitors, Valorant fans will be able to enjoy the game to the fullest, allowing them to unleash their full potential using its products.


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