The COVID-19 pandemic rendered many Filipinos to be cooped up at the safety of their homes, making them use their devices more frequently not only to entertain themselves but also to earn a living. The scenario, however, nurtured another pandemic — cybercrime that targets small businesses.

Data Connectors, a North America-based cybersecurity community, revealed in an infographic that online activities under the “new normal,” such as telecommuting and the rising use of cloud-based services like Google Drive paved the way for more vulnerabilities.

From March to April, over 190,000 cyberattacks were reported every week, a whopping 30% increase compared to the pre-COVID period. These cybercriminal activities attacked worked-based devices through applications or straight to the operating system.

These cyber threats can spread nine times the rate of COVID-19 and can lie dormant for months before they escalate. If these will not be taken seriously by small businesses, Data Connectors warned that the economic impact could be grave, resulting in a cyber pandemic.

To address this, the cybersecurity community advised implementing security policies and measures both for personal and work devices, particularly cloud email security upgrades that prevent devices from being compromised, proper personnel training, disaster recovery plan, and insurance coverage related to cyber attacks for small businesses.


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