Analytics firm Ookla has released a report showing that the Philippines’ overall Internet connectivity has been significantly improving since 2018. Today, it is now enough to cover the needs of an entire family.

Ookla’s latest findings reveal that the country’s average download speed for fixed broadband improved from 7.91Mbps to 26.08Mbps, while average download speed for mobile broadband went up from 7.44Mbps to 16.89Mbps.

Individuals need around 13 to 17Mbps of mobile data to meet their needs, whether for work or relaxation. A family at home, meanwhile, requires at least 25Mbps to accommodate various online activities, ranging from social media to online class.

The country’s present overall speed for both mobile and broadband actually hit the average mark, providing sufficient reliable internet connection for Filipinos today, which is apt amid the ongoing national health crisis and recent natural disasters.

With telcos and internet service providers continuously expanding their network coverage in underserved and unserved areas, as well as upgrading cell sites to 5G, it’s only a matter of time that the Philippines would soon be on par with our neighboring countries in terms of connectivity.


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