A Filipino-made vertical shoot ’em up (SHMUP) game is set to launch this year.

Kenisoft Game Studio’s “Airstrife: Assault of the Aviators” is set in a post-war world ruled over by aviators.

The game features a new take of the SHMUP genre, with RPG elements thrown into the mix for a whole unique arcade experience.

This includes the capability to customize and upgrade parts of your plane to your liking, as well as research more potent weapons to overcome your enemies.

You get to explore the world to find hidden blueprints to effectively research more weapons to destroy enemy planes. You also get to dash and evade against tricky incoming bullets and missiles, with over 80 enemy planes and epic bosses to outsmart.

The game welcomes up to four players for a coop shooting for those who can’t pass through the levels just flying solo, where you can enjoy it with friends and bond over war and chaos.

Airstrife: Assault of the Aviators’ price will soon be available upon its release, which is expected to be on February 26 on Steam.


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