The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is at it again, blocking the pornography website PornHub in certain Internet service providers (ISP).

While blocking of pornographic content websites is not new, the NTC seemingly returned its censorship policies on full blast to fight child pornography and sexual exploitation amid the COVID-19 crisis.

NTC’s response came after the government saw a rise in domestic violence cases like sexual harassment and sexual exploitation as the country undergoes quarantine caused by COVID-19.

The NTC has not made an official statement on the PornHub shutdown yet.

Advocates have been criticizing the overt censorship which the government has been promoting for years.

Digital rights advocate pointed out that the government’s way of blanketing porn websites neglects in tackling the actual issue behind it.

Nevertheless, some users can still access PornHub without installing a virtual private network (VPN) app.

For those who cannot access the site, users can either settle for other unblocked porn websites or access PornHub through a VPN app.



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