Adobe photoshop web browser beta ver

Adobe announced that it would be bringing its photo-editing software Photoshop and vector graphics editor Illustrator to the web browser.

Updates on Photoshop will include the extension of the platform to the web browser as a beta version, compatibly running only in Chrome and Edge browsers. Meanwhile, Illustrator will jump into the web browser.

Screen shot of Photoshop comments, pins and annotations.

For now, the beta only includes essential editing support for collaborative work, as the company introduced a sharing feature for comment workflow in the platform.

The beta allows users to collaborate, open, and view their work via browser. In addition, the application on the web will enable users to provide feedback and make basic edits without launching Photoshop.

As for the Illustrator update, Adobe only mentions the installed browser version of Illustrator and a few tools enhanced for the new update. This includes a better 3D panel, updated lighting and shading tools, and others.

For more details about the new updates on these two platforms across all devices, visit Adobe’s official blog post here.



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