AAA Titles you can now afford to buy in Steam Summer Sale!


Some games are just more costly than the others so, what’s poor gamer gonna do to get their favorite titles? Steam Summer Sale!

The waiting game is finally over as Steam is offering a hundreds of games up for sale at a limited time.

This brings not only the underrated titles being cheaper than ever but also big games that are getting whooping discounts! Here are a handful of them:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Lots of critically-acclaimed open-world and story-rich RPG titles are on sale right now, including CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher series! From the original price of PHP1,359.99, you can get the same game for only PHP271.99!

If you still have much more to spare, you can buy the Game of The Year Edition for more perks and goodies, discounted at PHP339.80!

Street Fighter V – Champion Edition

Capcom’s iconic fighting game series is being offered at a great price of PHP541.63 in a bundle, including sought-after DLCs and more for fans to rave over.

Alternatively, you can get the standalone Street Fighter V without the blows and whistles for a measly PHP92.13!

Devil May Cry 5 + Vergil

Again, Capcom is offering their big games up to 80% off, including their latest installment of the hack-and-slash hellscape franchise, Devil May Cry 5.

You can get the game alongside a new chapter that will fill you with unbridled motivation for only PHP481, give or take.

Watch Dogs 2

Still haven’t gotten around to buying Watch Dogs 2 since its 2016 release? Maybe now’s the time for some lowkey adventurous hacking.

Immerse in the Illuminati-ish ambiance that the game has to offer for only PHP440 and the Deluxe version for only PHP510!

Doom Eternal

Bethesda Softworks also has a buffet of games offered at discounted prices. Doom Eternal is one of them, with its Standard Edition now costing around PHP480 from the original price of PHP1,200. But if you haven’t bought the prequel yet, buy one for around PHP231 to witness Doomguy being Doomguy and get your shoot-’em-up fix.

The Steam Summer Sale is generally only available up to July 7. Don’t miss out and get right to it here.