Kaspersky: 43% of businesses prioritize preserving jobs

Kaspersky issued a new worldwide survey about businesses facing challenges amid the pandemic, revealing businesses prioritize preserving jobs and ensuring the company is running the most.

Nearly half of small and medium businesses (43%) put preserving jobs as their top priority. At the same time, over half of the firms (53%) take the introduction of new technologies to be their main challenge to solve. 

Studies show that employee satisfaction directly impacts business performance. At length, a strong team is likely resistant to the crisis and better able to cope through the lockdown. This is especially true during this pandemic, where work satisfaction became very vital, much more so for small businesses. As a result, companies plan to increase personnel costs such as wages and benefits in the coming year to help enterprises retain talent and negate recruitment.

(Source: Kaspersky)

However, to achieve preserving jobs, businesses would also need to prioritize providing new technologies or solutions that would help adapt employees to the new and extreme working conditions. 

In the big picture, reshaping working processes that adapt to the current times is crucial for company owners and executives to save jobs and maintain their business. As a result, they are always looking for easy-to-manage services that fit their needs and budget. However, it is also essential to ensure these services and tools are used safely to avoid getting wrapped into cybersecurity risks, according to Kaspersky. 

For this reason, Kaspersky provides these measures to help business leaders ensure working conditions for employees: 

  • Check free guidelines on spending less on IT, communicating with customers securely, working with freelancers, and many more in Kaspersky Cybersecurity On a Budget platform. It only takes a few minutes to read and is easy to implement. 
  • When processes are in place, educate employees to use basic security practices for remote work, such as avoiding becoming a victim of email or web phishing or how to manage accounts and passwords. Kaspersky and Area9 Lyceum have created a free course to help staff work safely from home.
  • There are various security products that ensure safe use of cloud services – messengers, social media, and collaboration tools. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is one of them. 

Read more about this survey by Kaspersky here


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