The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) filed a proposal enforcing the adoption of the third-generation e-passport system wherein people are no longer required to appear at the consular offices when renewing their passports.

The third-generation e-passport system incorporates modern security features that involve facial recognition technology. The DFA will also establish a mobile team that will gather biometric and biographic data, as well as deliver the passports to applicants.

DFA Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Neil Frank Ferrer said that preparations are underway to adopt the third-generation e-passport system in the Philippines but it could only be implemented once the budget becomes available.

“We are seeking for the assistance and help of Congress to provide the necessary budget for the Department for us to implement the changes that we would like to make passporting system more responsive to the needs of our citizens, especially our senior citizens,” said Ferrer, appealing to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs to amend the Philippine Passport Act of 1996.


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